Starting a high school chess club.


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Highschool Hook Up Chess

Each Division is a separate tournament. Players enter the Division that corresponds with their current grade level. For players not enrolled in a school with grade levels, a grade level will be determined the first year a player enters the CFS tournament. The grade level will be the one that most closely matches the player’s age and traditional grade level. In the following years it will be assumed that the player will advance a grade annually and will play at the corresponding grade level.

I’m Coach Lucker and I run a chess club at my school in Aldine ISD, Houston, Texas. My chess program is now in its sixth year. I have a program of about 50 c.

May 17, I plan to start a chess club in my high school next year. I’ve already spoken with a teacher who agreed to supervise every meeting, and I know of 3 or 4 students who I think would join the club. I understand many chess concepts such as opening theory and strategy, as well as middle and endgame strategy. However, because my peers are not nearly as strong as I am not to boast, but its true and I need to take this into consideration , I probably shouldn’t lecture them all the time but instead touch on and review some basic strategy every meeting and let them play for the majority of the time.

And, on a side note, those students are also very arrogant when it comes to playing chess. I have a strong feeling that they won’t listen to the lessons, so maybe I should just devote all the meeting time as play time? What kind of lessons should I give them, if any? I remember we had a strong club in HS, but then the sponsor teacher left the school, and we had to scramble. I was always very grateful to the two teachers who stepped up and helped us the next four years, the first one didn’t even play.

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Tournaments held once per month. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, N. For more information, visit the club website or email Eric Johnson at Chesspride aol. Recommended for advanced players.

Replies to: Chess Hook? #1. nationally ranked in chess and will be playing for a powerhouse chess school this is not a hook. It is a nice strong EC though. and all of these qualities should appeal to a good school. Most schools have chess clubs as ECs and it .

My boy and girl were lucky enough to have a phenomenal chess club at their school, already in place years before we arrived. When I took over to run things, I discovered the intricate workings of this well-oiled machine, and what makes it tick. One Parent Coordinator…you The parent coordinator is in charge of collecting payment and registration forms from parents, paying the chess teacher, buying supplies, communication with school teachers, principal, and parents.

The parent coordinator is a volunteer. Facilities — Getting space at school This is where you need support from the school principal. However, the ideal environment is a classroom.

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So, you want to start a chess club. Below are simple steps you should follow to start a chess club! Steps Gather the stuff you will need. A few games of chess, maybe some timers. A coffee shop could work. Ask the owner for permission first, though!

Welcome to Chess School! We are looking for strong, brilliant, smart chess players like yourself! If you feel yourself worthy, come on in and join us! You won’t be disappointed! We are just building this team and would like you to contribute for its growth. We are going to play several team matches.

Operation Smile Club Host fundraisers to raise money for Operation Smile to provide free surgeries to children with a cleft lip Organize a walk to raise awareness for cleft lips Bring in or Skype with a child who received help from Operation Smile to talk about how the surgery changed their life Help plan a walk to cure breast cancer in your area Host a school-wide fundraiser Bring breast cancer survivors in to talk about their experiences.

You need to put in a lot of work to start an effective club that will continue running after you graduate. You need to be excited about the club in order to convince other people to join. What is your favorite class? What are your hobbies? Do you have a new skill you’d like to explore further? Is there a topic you’d like to learn more about? Is there a cause you care about?

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All chess club members will be eligible to participate in school tournaments, obtain an official U.S. Chess Federation rating, and top players earn a spot on the chess .

I’m currently in 6th year in high school the final year before I go to university and, as you can see, I’m considering starting a chess club. When I began high school, as an autistic kid I had no friends. I would spend my lunch times alone and read, and I eventually grew depressed. One day, I was urged to join the school chess club, and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me – I finally had something to spend my time on, a place that I belonged, and eventually gained some of my best friends through a shared love of the game.

The teacher that used to run the chess club has since retired, and I’m considering taking it upon myself, as I believe chess has had a massive impact on my life and I wish to provide the same for some of the kids at my school. If I were to do this, what might I need other than chess sets? How should I go about easing people into the game I know from my own experience that beginning to play chess can be a rather daunting experience, not knowing any of the rules or strategies?

How can I make sure people know about and come to the club? Have any of you guys ever done a similar thing? I want people to share my enthusiasm for chess and would really value any input you guys can provide. I imagine many of you attended chess clubs during your time at school, so I’d like it if you could share your experiences Thanks!

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Highschool Hook Up Chess My high school was fortunate enough to hook up to a Texas. The girl twin, Lydia, is a heck ofa slugger its too bad she never get to play on a league or high-school team.

Chess – Play & Learn. FREE – In Google Play. FREE – in Win Phone Store.

Mark Anderson keeps a chess board, a score book and a clock in his car. Once in a while, he stashes a small magnetic chess board in his backpack. Prior to coming to the Palouse, Anderson taught chess in more than 25 schools around the Pacific Northwest and ran successful chess programs at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellingham, Wash.

He also founded a youth chess program at Bellingham’s Bellis Fair mall in , which is still being offered. Everything from volunteer work to paid private and group lessons, Anderson wants to promote the benefits of playing chess, which he describes as “weightlifting for the brain. But the Class A chess player said he teaches more than just the strategy, skills and tactics needed to win the game.

But you don’t win every game. You’ve got to learn to accept defeat and learn from it. In fact, you learn more from a loss than a win. He teaches sportsmanship, something he said is lacking in today’s society. Another positive aspect about the game is anyone can play, Anderson said. Background, economic status, ethnicity and age don’t matter.

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January Not really a hook, no. Of course, officially there’s no such thing as a “hook. Here’s what it means, de facto at least.

High school hook up chess club These conclusions have joined chess competition february 9 and things i have grown up days, middle school in the basement of our students. Meyers chess federation national tournament.

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My chess program is now in its sixth year. In the upcoming months I want to share my experiences in creating a chess club to guide you as you begin to build your chess program. How did I get involved? Do I need to be an expert chess player? How do I fund my club?

Joplin Chess Club. Location: Hardee’s, W 7th St, Joplin Willow Springs Chess Club. Location: Willow Springs High School Library W Fourth St. Willow Springs, MO Time: 16 players in the scholastic (15 from one school!) which is finishing up round 3 now.

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