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Calling All Spirit Detectives! Try This Yu Yu Hakusho Anime Quiz

Edit With Yusuke joining Raizen , and Kurama joining Yomi , Mukuro sends a video message a spirit of words to Hiei , asking him to come see her. The friends come to Demon World together and then head their separate ways. Mukuro asks Hiei to show his true strength by meeting the man that gave him the Jagan eye.

A new Yu Yu Hakusho OVA that will adapt two manga chapters: “All or Nothing” and “Two Shot”.

Don’t forget to Thank the creator after downloading! Use the Thanks button located above the screenshots above. Basic Download and Install Instructions: Click the download link to save the. The files will automatically be installed to the proper location s. You may want to use the Sims2Pack Clean Installer instead of the game’s installer, which will let you install sims and pets which may otherwise give errors about needing expansion packs.

It also lets you choose what included content to install. Do NOT use Clean Installer to get around this error with lots and houses as that can cause your game to crash when attempting to use that lot. Clean Installer Official Site. For a full, complete guide to downloading complete with pictures and more information, see: Downloading for Fracking Idiots. Custom content not showing up in the game? Getting Custom Content to Show Up.

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Can you believe it’s been slightly over 2 years since I last updated this site? I never forgot about it, just there hasn’t been much to update I guess I should make the site look a bit prettier huh? And with a shot from the good ol’ Spirit Gun, the site has changed! Well, without further ado, here we go with the other updates!

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Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character Are You?

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Spin-offs and merchandise[ edit ] Tokimeki Memorial spin-offs and merchandise include: Numerous related video games: Two puzzle games based on the first game: The former was released on the PlayStation Store on January 13, A Puzzle game based on the Third Game: The Tokimeki Memorial 2 Substories series, consisting of three games each game focuses on three of the girls from Tokimemo 2 with the exception of the last game which focuses on four girls.

The games are highly regarded for the mini-games in each game. The mini game for this game revolves around one of Konami’s other famous game series, Dance Dance Revolution using remixed Tokimeki Memorial 1 and 2 songs.


There has been a ton of rereleases of Yu Yu Hakusho so I decided to chronicle all of them throughout the years. This will probably be a weekly thing, I am also thinking of making edit lists for episodes that have not been completed yet. Most of you guys have the season DVD sets, so I am going to list the prices as well so you can see how the series got cheaper over the years.

Hope you guys enjoy!

According to a new report, Yu Yu Hakusho will screen its new episodes early at Anime Festival Festival Tokyo

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How much do YOU know about Yu Yu Hakusho???

Jacqueline Dupoi One seemingly normal high school girl, one seemingly normal boy. Keomi Shikiharu and Shuichi Minamino are classmates, what roles do they play in each others lives? What will happen to them if either of them find out the others secrets? The characters are owned and created by Yoshihiro Togashi.

Start Quiz Due to how (surprisingly) popular my Doki Doki HxH quiz 1 & 2 were I carried the name over to this one:sweat_smile: Again, it just means exciting and has no relation to the Doki Doki Literature Club.

The supernatural title is still ringing up new fans, so it is about time the franchise made a comeback. However, for anyone who will be in Japan, you can catch the two episodes early. The event is held on October 6, and fans will be able to pre-order tickets soon via Crunchyroll. The event, which takes place 20 days before the Blu-ray drops, will screen at the Toho Cinemas Shinjuku theater. Tickets will go on pre-sale between August before a general sale goes live on September 8.

Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Yu Yu Hakusho Trivia and Quizzes

In ” The Young Slave “, the heroine is the illegitimate niece of a lord, whose wife finds her in enchanted sleep and, in a fit of jealousy , beats her, knocking loose the comb that had kept her asleep, and turns her into a slave, abusing her so severely she thinks of killing herself. One day, her uncle hears her lamenting her woes and saves her. Similarly in ” The Maiden with the Rose on her Forehead “, where the uncle’s wife also burns the poor girl all over with a red-hot iron to make her ugly.

In ” Prunella “, Prunella is a Wicked Witch ‘s prisoner and she assigns Impossible Tasks ; only with the help of the witch’s son does she survive. In ” The Grateful Prince “, the king promises his baby to an ogre, and so takes a peasant girl and leaves his son with peasants. The ogre takes the girl and leaves, but the boy, on growing up, decides he can’t possibly live on such a sacrifice and goes to rescue her.

Yu Yu Hakusho Urameshi Yusuke, 14 years of age, is about as troublesome and violent as teenagers come. He is constantly ditching school, causing trouble, and getting into numerous fights everyday.

Report Story Yusuke Info: His frequent cursing and arrogant personality get him into many fights, but because of his awesome fighting skills he always wins. His homelife, though, is horrible because he has an alcoholic mother and a father who abandoned him. Yusuke only feels at home and that there is a place for him in life when he becomes a spirit detective after saving a young boys life from an on-coming car.

His main attack is the spirit gun, but later on becomes spirit shotgun after 6 months in traning with Genkai. To perform it he must point his finger at his target and focus his spirit energy into a blast. It is his most powerful, but slowest attack. Kuwabara is Yusuke’s arch nemesis at Sarayashiki Junior High, but soon becomes more of a friend after he dies then comes back as a spirit detective. He has many similarities to Yusuke. Not only is he a bad student, but he’s a great fighter as well.

Next to Yusuke he is the best fighter at Sarayashiki Junior High.

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I remember seeing ads for DiC’s Knights of the Zodiac back it was getting ready to air in , and they didn’t make me interested at all; rather they made me actively want to avoid it. Now that I’ve just seen that dub , though, I worry that, had I seen it back then, I’d have never given anything else by Kurumada a chance. At first, I was hesitant, especially after finding out that it was from the same creator as KotZ, but I decided to not hold this anime accountable for something that I had no interest in seeing, so I watched it.

Of course, little did I know until recently that I actually first “saw” B’t X via one of its Newtype Magazine posters making a cameo in M. So maybe me becoming a Kurumada fan through B’t X was just my destiny. So imagine my disappointment in when Ilumitoon’s first release, Beet the Vandel Buster Volume 1, came with “dubtitles” in place of proper subtitles which weren’t even timed to the Japanese audio!

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Did you yu yu hakusho dating quiz if it was lack of interest. Can you name the Yu Yu Hakusho Characters? Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Make it a goal to teach each other new things. First Date Rush Girl Games. Dating people enhances your character. Courtney dating arie The Impossible Quiz.

The Impossible Quiz 2. The Impossible Quiz Book.

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The Ultimate Yu Yu Hakusho Quiz The Ultimate Yu Yu Hakusho Quiz Each question in this quiz is timed. Begin Quiz Please wait – loading Info Ratings Comments Quiz by Gaara Sabaku, created almost 3 years ago. You think that you have what it takes to become the best Spirit Detective? See how well you know the entire series, and a few spinoffs.

Question by author Dorgan King of Spades You can see Kuwabara’s hand for a few seconds. If you pause you can read all the cards. Which two names do you see on the front of the dice when he first pulls them out? Shishiwakamaru and Yusuke When Shishi rolles the dice, everyones name except for Yusuke’s is rolled at least once. Since no ones name matches the symbols when you first see the dice it is obvilously Yusuke’s.

On the other die it’s Shishi’s name. His symbol is rolled later and you can match it with the on on the other die. Rinku, Kuwabara lost by a ring out.

Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 1 English Dub HD 1080p

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