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It’s cheap, easy, it looks good, and, most important, it helps you monitor your boost. For a nice stock look I would recommend Autometer Cobalt boost gauges, I personally think that they look the best, but they can be expensive. For a cheap but still quality gauge I would recommend VDO. In between the cost of those two gauges, there are numerous brands to choose from. Just make sure the gauge you choose allows you to change the light so you’re not stuck with a lime-green light that doesn’t match anything in your car. As long as you can change the bulb, you can use any color LED size light you would like. You will also want a gauge pod for your gauge to sit in. Whether you want the gauge attached to the pillar next to the window or the steering column more of a stock look , I would recommend the company NewSouth for your pod. In this DIY, I’m using the half-steering-column pod, which in my opinion is a little ugly.

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Carb and after reading several reviews and browsing the MSD Atomic EFI forums, I found that the number of issues were consistent enough to get resolution from the MSD tech support and I felt that if I encountered any issues going with this package, I would have help and support. Since I was able to buy in time for the free MSD 6A ignition controller offer, I broke the project up into two phases: Fuel pump block off plate http: The grommet had to be enlarged for the massive walled rubber line.

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One of them is a electric fuel pressure gauge and came with a sending unit to hook into the fuel rail. I’ve been trying to find out where it goes but haven’t found it. Tech support said I had to buy an adapter that would allow it to thread to the schrader valve. Has anyone hooked up an electrical fuel press. And if so could you tip me off on how to do this?

Also a trans temp gauge, where does that hook up to?

Diesel Gauges

Kiel, WI First off, sorry Josh for putting this up so late. I will try to be the most accurate of my capability in listing and what was modified to your convenience to try to spare you some time if some of you guys plan to do it the way me and Josh did. I bought the car in January 09 and did some minor stuff, sound system, some body work, etc.

Fuel Pressure Regulator Gauges Fuel Pressure Regulators Fuel Pump Install Kits Glowshift Accessories and Replacement Parts Multi Gauges Volt Gauges Drop it in, bolt it down, and hook it up! Provides up to 50% better cooling with the 2-Row core models. Designed for manual transmission vehicles unless noted. For automatic transmissions.

TIT means turbine inlet temperature. The temperature of the exhaust gas is a direct indicator of how hard the engine is working and if there is a problem. As the engine load increases more fuel is injected into the cylinders causing the exhaust gas temperature to rise. Your pistons are made of aluminum that melts at 1, degrees so over fueling, boosting or a malfunction bad injector could cause serious damage. If you have installed a performance chip or a supercharger this gauge is a must.

The hardest I’ve ever seen my stock truck work was while going up Loveland pass 11, feet in Colorado which is a very steep highway. My wagon could have maintained 55 mph but I limited the speed to about 48 mph while keeping my EGT temperature below At times I saw the temp spike to 1, which according to the literature is the max temp you should run at. Easing up on the throttle dropped the temperature immediately.

At the time, the water temp was running around so the truck wasn’t overheating. Note that and newer turbodiesels have oil sprayed on the pistons for additional cooling. An EGT gauge is a thermocouple pyrometer. If you install the sensor after the turbo you read exhaust temps. If you install the sensor before the turbo you read the turbine inlet temperature.

Gauge wiring

Conquest Posted 18 June – But where do you test it? You can try to get that seized rear plug out and install a gauge but that wont show you under load pressure without a long hose. You can use the factory adapter if you can find it.

GlowShift’s Wideband Air to Fuel Ratio Gauge features an easy to read blue digital numeric readout that will display your vehicle’s air/fuel ratio reads from to AFR down to one decimal place, as well as having a three color LED ring that quickly indicates rich, lean, and optimal values.

I have 3 in service now, one on a Polaris Ranger, one on the Tacoma and another on a Kubota tractor. All to add gauges. You can find the plates from many places but Glowshift has always been cheapest. For a piece of dumb aluminium Glowshift does fine. Just make sure you get the correct thread adapter. Your gauges go there.

The gauges are Autometer custom. I picked these because the backlight is a completely separate circuit, very important on the Tacoma or about any Toyota or Subaru as the dimmer is a PWM unit and varies ground voltage in relation to positive.

1994 Ford Escort LX Turbo Project – DONE – BUILD THREAD

Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 or stage 4. Im sure that you have seen this all over the internet when you go shopping for a new clutch kit. In this short article we will discuss all 4 different stages.

Mustang Fuel Tank Sending Unit () Installation Instructions Mustang Cardone Select Brake Master Cylinder () Installation Instructions Mustang Scott Drake LED Gauge Light Kit () Installation Instructions.

Remove old pressure sender. It is located down by the oil filter and has 1 wire on a push on screw connector. Install the original oil pressure sender back in one of the tee ports. Install the gauge line restrictor in the remaining port of the tee. Connect the flex tubing or hydraulic hose to the gauge restrictor. Be sure to route the tubing or hose away from the exhaust manifolds.

Be sure to either use hydraulic hose or oil and heat resistant flex tubing for the pressure line. Do not use copper tubing for the connection to the gauge restrictor or engine. Over a period of time, the vibration will work harden the tubing and cause it to crack and fail.

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I like to be very organized while tuning and this is something I suggest to anyone who is tuning a car. I give each new map a separate version number and always keep my old maps. That way, I can always go back to a map if I need to which you need to do more than you’d think.

Dolphin Gauges Instructions Find great deals on eBay for Falcon Gauge in Gauges. Quick hook up instructions on back of tester. ford falcon cluster featuring dolphin gauges. If you realise your peterbilt water temperature gauge wire Panel Mounted Pressure Gauge, Heavy Duty Aluminum Mounting Bracket, Quick Connect Fittings.

Just want to run this by you guys to double check myself. I want to upgrade my charging system from amp to amp alternator. From what I read here and looking at GM parts lists, the LB7 came with a a for most trucks and a a for trucks with snow plow and perhaps other hi amp implements. I also found the serpentine belt is a different part than a belt.

So here is my plan: Rig has K miles, I don’t believe it has been rode hard either. Any input is appreciated. Everything is dead, no dash, lights, even the door locks won’t work. Any ideas where the short might be. Originally Posted by t. The GM parts list shows different PNs for a and a belts. Originally Posted by Tootall1 Post I have 2 new optima batteris , after my truck sites over night it won’t start.

I am not sure you have a short. If you did and killed to two batteries overnight, I would think the short would heat up and cause more issues plus a smell.

close2racer’s 1993 Honda Civic

A automotive is a chic possession. Even once careful maintenance, these vehicles ar certain to get broken as a result of accidents or mechanical errors. A breakdown of the vehicle within the middle of the journey may be terribly troublesome to handle. They erroneously believe that such a shot can facilitate them economize. Keeping your automotive running at its best is one in all the prime motive many homeowners.

In such a case, seeking facilitate from automotive warehouse may be a best plan.

Aug 30,  · You will need a glowshift oil filter sandwich adapter for the oil pressure sender to screw into. It’s a marine style OBD connector. One needs an adapter to hook it up to regular OBD connectors. EDIT: OK, I’ve made a start on a wiki article Any info on a stand alone fuel gauge? or will we need sending unit as well? BradsRoxor Member. Aug.

Twitter If you need to modify your Honda Civic by installing a power adder like a turbocharger, knowing how to install a Honda Civic air fuel gauge is vital. Because you want to know how lean or rich your Honda Civic is running, installing a air fuel gauge on your Honda can help you keep the motor healthy. Our test vehicle is a Honda Civic with a D16y8 engine in it.

We are also Glow Shift dealers and their high quality wideband oxygen sensor can be found here. Open your passenger side door and slide the passenger seat all the way back to gain as much room as possible. Look near your passenger side kick panel to see a black plastic retaining pin. Unscrew this black plastic retainer and the plastic kick panel that protects your Honda Civic ECU can be pulled off. Now that this kickpanel has been removed, you must undo the 10mm bolts that hold your Honda Civic ECU in place.

Remove these bolts and swing the entire ECU towards you, starting from the harness side. Make sure you are rotating the Honda ECU towards the center of the vehicle to swing down and out properly. Begin with the purple wire on the Autometer air fuel gauge, this is the signal wire. This is the H02S wire, which represents the signal wire for your primary or upstream 02 sensor. Ground the black wire of the Autometer air fuel gauge to properly provide the low signal reference for your air fuel gauge.

Best Boost Gauge – Buying Guide

Posted 03 February – That would indicate the engine is running, at idle. The MAP reading doesn’t fit. With key on, engine off, at sea level or close to it, you will see about

Intellitronix is an electronic digital accessories company based out of Eastlake,Ohio. We are an industry leader in LED digital gauges, panels, and performance.

Other Info for this deal: Features a fitted pressure gauge that lets the shock to be filled inside 10 pounds of accuracy. GlowShift Black 7 Color F Pyrometer EGT Gauge Overview GlowShift’s Black 7 Color Series Degree Pyrometer Gauge reads from 0 to degrees Fahrenheit and is essential for any diesel truck that’s driving long distances or pulling heavy loads, making sure your exhaust temperature isn’t running too hot which result in engine failure.

Gauge Features GlowShift’s pyrometer gauge features stepper motor technology, 7 color through dial lighting, an easy to read red illuminated needle, also as a magnified clear lens. The included stepper motor gives this pyrometer gauge the perfect mix of very correct gauge readings with very smooth needle motion. GlowShift’s 7 Color through dial lighting allows you to choose from 7 different hard color, with 2 color cycle modes, letting you match your factory dash lights or add a custom look to the interior of your car.

Connecting this gauge to your factory headlight switch lets it to dim up to 30 for easier night driving, and with the color memory recall feature you will not have to worry about adjusting the color of your gauge every time you turn your car on. For those who don’t want to drill and tap their exhaust manifold, the included type k probe may be installed using GlowShift’s Exhaust Temperature Bracket.

Lifetime Support GlowShift stands behind all of its merchandise by as well as free lifetime technical support and a one year restricted warranty with every gauge buy. Paint, zinc on steel 2. Paint on no-ferrous metals 3. No-ferrous metals coatings on insulating substrates 4.

oil pressure

A 5′ cable is included with appropriate OBD2 connector. A splitter cable is included with the dual Interceptor units. Gauges come with a black bezel with polished silver center ring with a black face as shown on right. Optional black, polished silver, and brushed silver bezel along with various other face options can be purchased separately from the accessories page. A function menu is available by pushing both buttons simultaneously.

GlowShift’s Elite 10 Color Gauge Series is one of the most innovative gauge series on the market today. Each gauge is packed with a collection of features including self calibration, multiple color modes, and a tinted gauge face.

Link didn’t work for me Mister ed Blast! It’s a gauge pod on glow shifts website. Sent from my thingy. From left to right Pic is a little dark, put my doors on to clean them and get another good coat of wax on them so the cab is rather dark. I like the look of those. Are those the pods they sell too? Yessir, those are the universal pods on their site. Universal Single Gauge Swivel Pod:

civic ef glowshift fuel pressure and volt gauges

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