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Confessions of a Southern Charm Newbie: Nothing this exciting happens Hey everybody. Welcome back for the last recap of this season of Southern Charm. And I mean it this time. So sit back, take your time, and let’s do this right. Considering everything that we’ve seen these past 15 episodes, there was one particular movie line that kept running through my head as I awaited the finale. Looking back at last week, we waded through part one of the season five reunion. Due to a pending investigation, Thomas Ravenel was unable to represent himself pro se at his reality show reunion — a standard legal position.

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis Admits To Sleeping With Thomas Ravenel After Southern Charm Reunion

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Southern Charm fans, we need to talk about Ashley being introduced this season as Thomas Ravenel’s new girlfriend, who moved to Charleston from L.A. in .

After all, Kathryn has lost all of her visitation rights after she failed a drug test, as well as split custody of the children. Still, the pictures were sparking rumors that perhaps Kathryn had regained custody of Kensington Calhoun Ravenel, and St. In fact, the custody of the children and the rulings of the court have not changed a single bit, but Thomas did allow Kathryn to have a supervised visit with their children over the weekend.

A court mediator in the case suggested that he allow Kathryn to get some time in with the kids, and he agreed. Thomas is in good standing with the court, and he wants to comply with all court suggestions, so he agreed, but reluctantly. The source went on to confirm that custody has not changed hands, or anything like that, as Thomas Ravenel is the custodial parent: She has not regained custody or visitation with Kensie and Saint.

The case is ongoing, and Thomas and Kathryn will face off in court in September. Kathryn lost her portion of custody with the children earlier in the year when she failed a drug test that was ordered by the court.

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Image taken from Bravotv on Twitter. The Southern Charm cast gets into more drama as an affair finally gets confirmed. Reality shows come and go but one thing for sure is that drama is always going to be a constant. The Southern Charm cast has been through ups and downs and the latest news is that Kathryn Dennis just got cheated on. It reportedly began with Dennis getting ganged up by the other cast members but she had gotten support from co-cast member Jennifer Snowden.

Despite the support Snowden had given her, Dennis was enraged that her baby daddy and Snowden had an affair while they were still together.

Watch video · ‘Southern Charm’ star Ashley Jacobs opened up about her split from Thomas Ravenel during an Instagram Live on Wednesday, August 15 — details.

Southern Charm Reunion Recap: Andy Cohen begins by congratulating Craig Conover on passing the bar. Andy is happy to learn that Shep Rose has escaped the lingering enzyme, Thomas Ravenel loves being Mr. Mom when he makes it out to the guest house , and Cameran Eubanks is glowing with a baby girl due in November. Craig cites quality over quantity when it comes to past hook-ups after Shep jokes that Craig sleeps in the bed with girls without even trying anything.

Craig is a hobbyist, and he sits quietly as his friends tease him about going into gardening law. Poor Craig mumbles under his breath as his friends gang up on him with Shep in the lead. That makes it better, right? Craig laid it on thick in the beginning, but he won Naomie over with his persistence. Craig is teased for choosing cheese over oral sex. His crew balks over the thought of dairy over dirty, but it may be the one thing on which both Craig and Naomie agree.

They both love cheese.

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Allison Dennis Mother , Luke Dennis Father Siblings No Without a doubt, the most durable bond present in this world is the bond that the mother has for her children. Dennis is a mother of two children and fought her life to get the custody of her children. Even after losing the temporary custody of her children to ex-Thomas Ravenel, she fought back and now spends a precious three-night a week with her children.

The vicious court battle which ran since the May saw Kathryn prohibited meeting her children too often.

The past few seasons of Southern Charm have started the same way: We see what happens at the end of filming, and then we flash back three months to find out how things got there. This year, we see.

Southern Charm Reunion Recap: The Lying Game July 20, It’s great to see how far this show has come from its days of revolving around the southern Good Ole Boys Club to a show where feminism has taken over and the MeToo has obviously had a massive impact. Last year, Shep tried to kiss Chelsea, was defended by many of the cast members and rewarded with his own dating show. This year after Thomas Ravenel’s rape allegations he was not invited to the reunion and won’t be back next season.

Obviously, these two incidences are very different but while it’s a relief to see how far we’ve come there is still so much that needs to happen with the ingrained southern mentality of the show. Once again Patricia boycotted the reunion as Maggie Smith does the Emmys but Andy broke the ice about T-Rav’s absence with a statement from his lawyer thanking his fans and excepting to be fully vindicated.

No one likes Thomas. I hate Trashley and she is the absolute worst but times that by ten and you get Thomas Ravenel. As much we all know Trashley isn’t mentally there, he is the brains behind the whole operation and she isn’t getting these crazy ideas about Kathryn from nowhere, he obviously fuelled the fire and she was dumb enough to play right into it, they really do deserve each other. The cast didn’t choose to comment on him. Cam believed it was the right chose, Shep called out his dark side, Kathryn obviously knows where all the bodies are buried and knew about him raping the nanny but she kept her lips shut for the sake of their children and Naomie chose not to comment because he’s always been nice to her.

‘Southern Charm’ star Ashley Jacobs hopes Kathryn Dennis will forgive her

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Posts about kathryn dennis written by aintperfect. During the most recent episode of Southern Charm (airing on May 22nd), Austen revealed at the parquet courts place that his older sister, Kyle, died when Austen was 7 and Kyle was

Share Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel are putting on a united front for their children. Dennis posted a sweet photo of the trio on Instagram, stressing the importance of peaceful co-parenting. In the shot, Ravenel and Dennis smile alongside their daughter, who is holding a bouquet of flowers and wearing her dance costume. Ravenel, 55, and Dennis, 26, dated for a few years but ultimately called it quits in They are also parents to son Saint, 2. Earlier in the day on Monday, Ravenel shared a video of a family dance party, featuring Saint.

He has denied the allegations. His attorney, Richard P. The person this woman describes is simply not the man that I know. My client is a loving father, successful businessman, and upright member of the community. He is appalled and hurt by these allegations—and is committed to defending his reputation in the appropriate legal forum. Despite reports that Ravenel was fired from the hit Bravo show amid allegations of sexual assault, a source told PEOPLE on Monday that the reality star still has his job — for now.

Ravenel is currently dating girlfriend Ashely Jacobs , who has clashed with Dennis on the show. Southern Charm airs Thursdays on Bravo at 9 p.

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As fans will recall, Clements was reportedly also an escort and apparently made friends with Jacobs through work After meeting Jacobs, Ravenel allegedly offered her money to be his girlfriend on Southern Charm. A post shared by Ashley Jacobs ashleyhjacobs on Apr 22, at Her social media accounts are filled with photos of her relaxing on yachts and posing on private jets, things a person usually cannot afford being a nurse.

Kathryn’s cousin Shelby stood by the pool in an ill-fitting bikini and destroyed heels and let everyone know that Kathryn may have left rehab, but was still very much crazy. Thomas let everyone know Kathryn refused to take a drug test at the same time Kathryn entered a medical facility.

I think JD loves Thomas and wants the best for him. But it also seems like JD is always entertained by these predicaments and JD wonders how Thomas can be surprised at the drama that surrounds him. Landon, Thomas, and Jennifer…just friends? Step-mom Landon hmmm… Then we switch over to single, ripe-for-the-taking if you can give Landon as many horses as she wants Landon. Everything he made is tangible, you can see it.

I am not a fan of Landon in general, but her desire to be an independent woman and not take the easy way out did impress me this episode. Shep talks to Cameran about wanting to get married and the topic of Chelsea is brought up. Shep seems to be full of shit Cameran says that if Shep tells Chelsea he wants to get to know her a little better, she would stop dating Austen.

Southern Charm Reunion: Kathryn is a Monster, Part 2

Senior Editor Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article It looks like Kathryn Dennis is doing great and has finally moved on from her baby daddy Thomas Ravenel. They are finally done with each other, and Kathryn even has a new boyfriend. Not long ago Thomas shared that Kathryn wasn’t even speaking to him anymore. Who is Kathryn Dennis dating? Kathryn shared on Instagram that she has a new man.

After that was said they, Thomas and Ashley, have been seen together. Some sources have said that Ashley and Thomas were having dinner at Halls Chophouse in .

Bring this show back!!!! I loved this show. Her work ethic and perspective on business and people being the best they can are sorely needed on TV. TvCritic Tabatha is way better than all this Real Housewives bullshit. Those women are ridiculous and seriously need therapy. It needs to come back for another season. She is such an inspiration to me.

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Landon Clements, Thomas Ravenel Dating? After Thomas said he was interested in Landon, ‘Southern Charm’ fans have been wondering if the would-be couple will actually get together. Will Landon Clements and Thomas Ravenel start dating?

Thomas Ravenel was the only member of the Southern Charm cast to not attend the show’s reunion taping on Tuesday.. Andy Cohen dished about the day on the Watch What Happens Live after show.

I spent pretty much all of yesterday reaching out to sources who had not heard anything. Finally today, I got a little bit about what went down. The meeting was the final attempt to avoid a trial and have both parties agree to a parenting plan. The very first thing my sources said was that after several hours they agreed to a plan. I was told both parties really wanted to avoid the expense and public scrutiny by us of a trial.

If they have to go to trial, all the torrid events of the last four years would become public domain. So they came to some sort of agreement, the details of which I am not privy to. I have been told that Thomas read the interview just before they were supposed to sign the document. Thomas then refused to sign. Thomas felt that Kathryn had broken their court order not to disparage each other or the Internet and not to give interviews.

Personally, this seems like a silly reason not to go through with a parenting plan that could end the drama once and for all.

Are Thomas Ravenel And Kathryn C. Dennis On Good Terms?

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